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Bearbrick Van Gogh Museum Self Portrait

Grazie alla collaborazione fra Medicom Toy e il Van Gogh Museum di Amsterdam. Nella confezione il Be@rbrick nel formato 400% (28 cm).

Medicom Toy appropriates Van Gogh’s famous self-portrait from these 400 %  Bearbrick, a deep blue painting dating from 1886/1887, when the painter still had both ears. A happy association which is accompanied by a scribbled signature of the painter and which can be found on the back of the figurine.

Medicom is doing strong by offering a new arty figurine in line with those of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring or Andy Warhol. Your home will eventually turn into a real museum…

  • Reference : MT1000BBSELF
  • Height : 28 cm
  • Packaging : Box
  • Designer : Van Gogh
  • Producer : Medicom (Jap)
  • Universe : Bearbrick
  • Simplified color : Multicolore


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