Buddha Bar Elements 4 CD


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Buddha Bar Elements 4 CD 2021

Artista: A/V
Numero di cd: 4CD.
Uscita: 29 /04/2021
Genere:   Dance,Chillout,World Music
Label: VIDOL

With this new concept, we open the doors of our Universe, far from the tumult & stress in which we are plunged.

A reconnection to the World and to the Earth, back to the primordial and essential sources to help you to cross this particular period. To do so, Ravin joins forces with 3 artists from the “Deep & Organic” scene: Tebra (Ritual records – RS), Ali Kuru (Sol Selectas & Underyourskin – TR) and Anatolian Sessions (Music for Dreams – TR) and creates Buddha-Bar Elements.

A 4CD box set, each representing an element and offering a unique vision of the Buddha-Bar world. So close your eyes and open your ears wide, the Buddha-Bar’s first initiatory journey is about to take off.



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